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Two Screen Legends for the Price of One


DeNiro and Pacino Reunited. Two of the finest actors of their generation. Two of my favorites.

This will be their third collaboration. Their first was in 1974. The movie was Godfather Part II. DeNiro played Pacino’s father and appeared in flashbacks. Back then, they were both not so known Italian American actors.

Today, they are screen icons.

They never shared a scene together. Not until 21 years later.
In 1995, they both starred in a cops and robbers thriller, Heat where they shared two brief scenes together.

Between them, they shared 3 Oscars and 11 nominations.

Next year, they will be collaborating again on a new movie called Righteous Kill.

I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, there will be more screen time between DeNiro and Pacino. But I know there will be lots of testosterone-filled moments in the movie.

I can’t wait.