Two Monks and a Woman

After reading Yolanda’s comments about an ex who still lingers in her memory after he had left her about a year ago, I decide to post this story for her:

A senior monk and a junior monk were travelling together. Towards midday, they came to a river. As they are about to cross the river, they spotted a young, beautiful woman. When the woman asked the monks for help to cross the river, the senior monk obliged and carried her across on his shoulder.  He set her down on the opposite shore and carried on his journey with the junior monk without saying a word. The junior monk seemed upset and perturbed by the whole incident.

After a long walk, the senior monk noticed that the junior monk was particularly quiet and asked, “You seemed upset. Is something bothering you?”

The junior monk replied, “We monks had taken a vow of celibacy and are not permitted to have any contact with a woman and especially not the physical kind.  How could you carry her on your shoulders?”

“Hmm, I have left her on the riverbank hours ago, yet you are still carrying her in your mind.” replied the senior monk.

In retrospect, Yolanda, you can choose the path of the senior monk, who had embrace the situation of the moment and continue to live in the present after leaving the woman on the river bank. Or you could be like the junior monk who is still carrying the baggage of the past.

The choice is yours. This is your life. If you put down the baggage, you may move ahead faster and there may be many wonderful things ahead in your life and they are expecting you. Are you ready to embrace the moment and live life to the fullest?

The choice, ultimately, is still yours…


Run and Drink


The Wikipedia defines “The Hash House Harriers (abbreviated to HHH or H3) as an international group of social, non-competitive running and drinking clubs. Hashing has frequently been described as ‘a drinking club with a running problem’, and the social element of hashing is of equal importance to the running.

The organization of the Hash House Harriers is completely decentralized, with chapters (also commonly called kennels) having no formal regional or national offices or leadership structure. There are more than 1700 kennels with at least one Hash in most major cities in the world.”

I have heard so much about this HHH thingy though I have never participated in one. I am not into groupies stuffs especially not when it comes to running in a large group. I would rather prefer to join an army if I want to run with a large group of people. And I don’t drink.

But I do condone the HHH for promoting health through running. Can’t agree with the after-run drinking though.

And the thing that peeved me about HHH is the ‘unenvironmental friendly’ way in which they leave a paper trail. I don’t know about the biodegradability of papers but laying a 1 x 1 inch of paper all over the place isn’t the most civic conscious thing to do. In some countries, laying paper around is called ‘littering’.

Perhaps Hashers could organize around a system whereby the last runner has to pick up all the papers. On one hand, it gives incentive for the group members not to be the last runner and on the other, it promotes HHH as a civic conscious social group that cares for the environment.

As for me, I have a running buddy and we know where we are heading without having to rely on a paper trail to guide us.

That’s all for now. Gotta run.

How to Deal with Your Boyfriend When His Favorite Team is On a Losing Streak…

It has been a bad stretch for my favorite team as they have just registered their 6th lost. 6 losses in a row for a promising team that was in the NBA conference finals last season? I find it hard to accept.

And to make matters worse, most girls do not understand the importance of sports to men.

So, for the ladies out there who have to deal with the everyday reality of your boyfriend sulking because his favorite team loses, here are some tips to deal with it.

Ok, one important tip is not to say anything smart like “sports are about wins and loses”. Because, the most likely answer you get (with a grunt) is “Yeah? I know. How about my team wins and other team loses?”

Take the low road and remember, the keyword is: COMPASSION. You are dealing with a very sensitive subject here.

Be there for your partner. It hurts. Like death in the family. Lend them your ears. Let them whine. Help them get over it. Never laugh or chastised them. Never use the word “condolences”.

Unless you want to risk the relationship. Or see a man experience PMS.

Don’t force the issue. If they don’t want to talk about it, fine. Just stay with them.

Divert his attention to something else. Perhaps a hobby that he had neglected. Something which he likes and had not done for a long time like a night out with his buddies or fishing.

Cheer him out. Treat him to a night out. A movie or dinner would be good. Tell him it is his evening and he get to make choices where and when to go. Just make it clear that it is on you.

And lastly, don’t try to understand this erratic behavior. It is a testosterone thing. It just how real men are wired. Those who take their sports seriously. And their team.

Shoe Marks on Toilet Seats


Two things that piss me off the most about public washrooms in malls across the city are the presence of female cleaners and shoe marks on toilet seats.

Cleanliness of toilets is important no doubt and the cleaners are there to ensure that. But not when it becomes a place where they meet and chat. I even caught one trying to peek at me while I was taking a leak. I kid you not folks. And it’s not even funny.

The other thing that I really don’t get is the barbaric act of treating every single toilet as a squat toilet even in new malls where pristine, clean and shiny toilet seats are new and unseasoned. This is 2008 and there are many uncivilized people running around town.

New toilets seats have scratches and marks left behind by the pressure caused by the soles of shoes. If only there were a device that would automatically jab ones butt when it detects the presence of shoes on toilet seats. That would be cool and I would be laughing. J

Then, there are some uncivilized bozos who smoke in mall toilets.

Girl Earns More Than the Guy…


My close friend, Alice, is having a cold war with her hubby, and it has lasted for two weeks now. The issue? MONEY. She got promoted at work and now she makes more ‘blink blink’ than he does.

Who knew a little extra money could create such a rife?

No doubt, money is a reality and a necessity. In fact, money is the symbol for success, security, status, independence, control, competence, comfort, and the list just goes on and on.

Women who think that “Yeah, I make more money than he does, but we’re living in the new millennium. What’s the big deal?” need to rethink that. No matter how much he loves you, the issue of money is the issue of EGO.

Men want to be providers because it is a caveman instinct. They hunt for the food and women take care of the kids. No matter how much society has changed, that part is still a strong part of their DNA.

Being a provider gives him a sense of identity, a purpose of existence, a motivation to face challenges everyday, a goal to work hard for, and a great sense of accomplishment when he succeeds in doing that. To him, providing for his family is the most direct, practical, and genuine way of saying “I love you” and “I honor my commitment to my marriage and family.”

Well, this is an ego thing and you got to live with it.

Love and Honor


Love and Honor is the title of the most recent samurai flick that I have watched. Bushi no Ichibun, [the Japanese title which means ‘part of being a warrior’], is the third installment of a Yoji Yamada’s samurai based on Shuhei Fujisawa’s novels. The story is about Shinojo Mimura, a low ranking samurai during the Edo period in Japan who is a food taster for the shogun. His modest but peaceful life was disrupted when the food he tasted was poisoned and as a result he lost his sight.

Losing his sight also means losing his job and livelihood. His wife seeks the help of a high ranking official to save his position. In return, she gets sexually harassed. To defend her honor, blind Shinojo sets up a duel with the high ranking official.

Crime rate is on the rise and the folks who are supposed to “serve and protect” are taking a very apathetic attitude towards it. Especially rampant are sex related crime.

As far as I am concerned, sexual deviants and rapist are an insult to men. Even in prison, they are considered pariahs and often get beaten up by other inmates. I don’t know whether there is honor among thieves but the guy who robs may think that he is doing it to feed his family. What of the sexual deviants? To satisfy some primitive cravings?

What happen to the good old wooing of women where the thrill of the chase is the chase itself?

Men are ranked higher than animals and beasts because of their power to reason. To make rational decisions and take responsibilities. It is this ability to response that separates men from beasts. Yet there are many borderline beasts out there who display more animalistic characteristics and think with their sexual organs instead of their brains. They resort to force to get their way with women.

I know some folks who are constantly dating women and getting laid. I respect that. They work for it. Mutual consent. Both parties are happy and no one gets hurt. Even folks who pay for it [though I don’t endorse this]. Business transaction. Mutual consent. Both parties are happy and no one gets hurt.

But to force it on someone and create a lot of physical pain and emotional anguish is definitely low life. And inhuman. The sad part is these cases are out there and the folks who are supposed to “serve and protect” are apathetic. Maybe they will wake up if the victims of these heinous crime happen to be someone they love or someone close to them.

I believe what we are reading in the media are only a tip of the iceberg. What about the unreported cases?

Maybe we should go back to the days of vigilantes and mob justice. For love…and honor.

Hormone Almighty

I am important. Why? Because I make men “MEN.” Who loves me? Men, anti-monogamists, athletes, ever crazy sports fans, and well, sometimes the ladies too (when they behave like “ladies,” of course). I am a hormone with quite a personality. They call me “hormone of masculinity,” “hormone of desire,” “hormone of lust,” “hormone of aggressiveness,” “hormone of violence,” and etc. Man, don’t I sound important???

Sadly, I guess I do have a rather tainted reputation among the ladies. They call me a culprit. 😦 Why? Thanks to my fellow males who frequently and repeatedly abuse my name so they can get away with their own mistakes, misjudgments, and OBSESSIONS (or “attachments to sports and their favorite team”). Oh, did I mention one-night-stands and cheating?

You know, honestly, I don’t mind the blaming and finger pointing at all. I enjoy being “Hormone Almighty!”

Oh, let me formally introduce myself: My name is Testosterone – Mr. Hormone Almighty. And a special note to my beloved fellow men: Feel free to blame me for everything or anything you can think of! I really don’t mind that at all. 🙂