Honey, We Need to Talk…


Scenario A:

Woman: Hey, we need to talk!!!

Man: (Uh oh, what did I do this time?)

Scenario B:

Woman: Honey, we need to talk…

Man: (Time to practice my non-listening skills…)

Scenario C:

Woman: You know what… I think we kind of need to talk…

Man: (Oh God, it’s over…)

Men often times aren’t the most intuitive creatures on earth. However, most instinctively know they are in trouble the moment they hear a woman says “we need to talk.”

“We need to talk” is a popular phrase used by women specially when communicating with men. It acts like a female “secret” code which subtly implies that what you are about to listen next isn’t going to be pleasant.

Some possible meanings when a woman says “we need to talk”:

1.) You are in trouble (screwed).

2.) I need to talk. YOU listen.

3.) I have something to whine, nag, or complain (about something you did, known or unknown to you).

4.) It’s over. Bye. (Prelude to the end of a relationship.)

5.) I know what you did. (Yea, your porn collection and the girl you slept with.)

6.) LAST warning. Take the matter seriously. Or else, I’m out of here!

With no doubt, “we need to talk” is the second worst thing a man can hear from his woman (after “I’m pregnant”). Unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do when it happens. And, there’s also no way of predicting when she’s gonna throw that phrase in your face. I can only tell you this: when it happens, pray hard and hope for the best. Good luck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Honey, We Need to Talk…

  1. This is all written from the perpective of a ‘whipped’ male- A whipped male is a doomed one who doesn’t belong to himself anymore- The issues are how to get un-whipped- be a man and take charge of the relationship- thus regaining her respect- and deciding what’s what in the relationshop- OR taking a good hard look as his self- deciding that being whipped makes him a poor excuse for a man- and that being out of that relationship is the best thing for his dignity and self respect

  2. Woman: Honey, we need to talk!
    Man: Lemme guess… we need to talk about our relationship again? I really miss the time when we were talking about happyness, love and common interests.

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