Love or Compatibility?


It started with Jasmine’s proposal to Honey Bee to date some older women for research and blogging purposes:

Jasmine: well… since dating older women is a popular trend now, i was just curious to know how it’s like. I thought you would too.

Honey bee: why don’t u date a schoolboy and find out?

Jasmine: i would…but that’s illegal.

Honey bee: i m not curious. Get one who’s 18.

Jasmine: even that… i won’t consider. Not even 23.

Honey bee: y?

Jasmine: not even 24. get it now?

Honey bee: ahh, immaturity

Jasmine: Why would I find someone to babysit when i have lots of real babies and kids to play with?

i am not into babysitting big babies

Honey bee: n someone said i was picky

u just took one big baby for ring shopping that day.

Jasmine: yea…that’s for charity. He was getting ready to propose to his gf and I got to pick out the ring. And he is 28, by the way.

Honey bee: 28 is still too young?

Jasmine: it’s not about numbers. You didn’t see how he acted at the jewelry store. i almost walked out.

Honey bee: really? what did he do?

Jasmine: You would think if someone is ready to propose and get a ring, he would have done some basic research. Come on… google about rings. Or at least find out what style she likes. I don’t mean to know the exact ring she wants. But at least have a basic idea.

Honey bee: yup i agree

does he have the ring size?

Jasmine: there…!!! you just nailed it.

no ring size!

Honey bee: haha

Jasmine: and we were there to buy an engagement ring…hello??? What was he thinking?

Honey bee: he was also wasting your time

Jasmine: sigh…steal a ring from her jewelry box.

measure her finger when she’s asleep.

cut her finger.

just do something

Honey bee: yeah… just do n imprint will do

Jasmine: sometimes little things show a lot about someone

Honey bee: it does

especially to women

Jasmine: it made me wonder… did he wake up one morning and thought it would be a great day to buy a ring?

Honey bee: women are more meticulous

maybe he did

Jasmine: ask u one question. is it love or compatibility? which one?

Honey bee: what do u mean?

Jasmine: when two people decide to be together, “fall” in love and get married. which one is more important? love or compatibility?

Honey bee: initially love

then some level of compatibility will develop or else they would fall out of love

Jasmine: aha

Honey bee: its like an orbital thing

boy meet girl

boy falls in love w girl

boy n girl dates

know more abt each other

helps each other grow.

if the balance tips, then sooner or later they will fall out

i think it is a complimentary relationship

Jasmine: see… something is really wrong with me…i have long since believe in that “routine”

although i know that’s how things work most of the time

Honey bee: not always

that’s a common way of looking at it

it could work in reverse

or it could start in the middle

there are not hard n fast rules

Jasmine: the problem with feelings and love is… they come and go

Honey bee: yup, the real test is after the feeling is gone

Jasmine: exactly…

Honey bee: companionship comes in

Jasmine: so the way i like to put it is: fall in love for the right reasons

Honey bee: u still enjoy each others company n do things together. well, sometimes u r not in control when it comes to love.

now it’s the question of logic vs feelings

Jasmine: yes and no. because if you know what you are looking for, you are naturally attracted to some people and not others

when you don’t know what you want, then you don’t stand a chance of falling in love for the right reasons.

Well folks out there, what’s your say on this?


One thought on “Love or Compatibility?

  1. Well, I believe compatibility comes before love. I don’t believe that there is really love on first sight. Yes, two persons can be attracted to each other at first sight. Every guy sees plenty of nice girls on the street every day that they feel attracted too, and I am sure it works the same way for women. But is that love? I don’t think so.

    When you are going out with someone, that means there is some kind of compatibility already. You do the things together you both enjoy. You enjoy talking to each other and actually have things to talk about. If you really enjoy simply spending time together, and you keep on looking forward to the next meeting, think about the other person a lot, and would like to spend more and more time together, then you can say you are in love.

    That is also when you reach the stage you trust each other, support each other, and get into X-Rated activities. 🙂

    So my take is: Compatibility before love. Without compatibility, there is no foundation for love.

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