Should a Woman Ask a Guy Out On a Date?


There are two differing schools of thought on this. The first school advocates that the GUY should take the first initiatives and should call and ask the girl for a date.

The other school, more apparent in recent times, has a more liberal view where either party may the first move, depending on the situation.

What if you wait for him to ask you out but he never does? Does it mean, he is not into you? Or is he plainly shy? Or he is a novice at the dating game and knows not what to do?

Through forums and interviews with men on the idea of being asked out on a date, the response is pretty positive. Most of the men I have spoken to actually welcome the idea.

Like men, women also fear rejection when asking men out. They also risk being perceived as desperate, which would not necessarily be the case. Most men will think that you are sure of yourself and just getting what you want.

It also takes lots of pressure off men. A lot of men do not have a clue on dating women.

If you feel that it’s a lot of hard work asking a guy out, you could drop some subtle hints. Make as if you are helping him to date you by ‘opening the door’.

You could try something like “how about we get together for coffee some time?” Leave your contact number and walk away.
It might take a while before he calls. Two to three weeks lead time is normal, because he might be busy and have stuffs to handle.

There are no hard and fast rules and the best is to play by ear.


5 thoughts on “Should a Woman Ask a Guy Out On a Date?

  1. If a girl asks a guy out, would he still treasure and appreciate her? I don’t know. Sometimes girls really need to play hard to get.

  2. we live in a world that has equal rights nowadays, if you like the guy… go for it… if you play hard to get… and when it really gets too hard… it turns the guy off. I’m speaking from personal experience.

  3. I ask myself this question all the time: is it appropriate for the girl to ask the guy out, or will it make her look desperate and stalkish? I am personally debating right now whether I should ask my friend out or not.

    I think it’s good for girls to ask men out, but in this day and age, it seems as if society thinks it’s not ‘normal’ and ‘weird’.

    Personally, I’m the kind of girl that would have no problem asking a guy out. I think it shows a sense of individualism and strongness that guys find attractive. On the other hand, guys like the chase. Doess this mean that all guys do? No. But from the history of men that I’ve dated, that’s what they seem to like the most. You always want what you can’t have. Of course, these seem to be the more immature ones, the ones not looking for anything serious, which is fine, but almost always taken the wrong way. My only problem is that when I ask one of my girlfriends if I should, some say no and others say yes.

    So: Should girls play hard to get or go for the goal? I think it just depends on how much you like the person and if it’s worth it to go out of your way. If not, then the heartbreak ain’t worth it.

  4. hey no. i say NO to i knw a girl should not do it. may be a girl can ask out a guy. she can be capabale of doing such a thing… bt later on in your relationshp u yourslf will have a thought deep down in your heart that he doesnt love you. and believe me you will nevr get the love you are expecting from him………..

  5. If he is a nice, sweet, shy guy YES LADIES YOU HAVE TO ASK HIM OUT because he is too polite to ask you. If he is a hot snobby jerk, then forget it.

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