25 thoughts on “10 Things a Girl Does When She is Into You

  1. Hi,

    I saw this and I have a question: I know this girl, she always hugs me whenever she sees me (and whenever we depart), and she always tells me how smart she thinks I am. Now, I want to give you as full a picture as possible- she’s a little older than I am (about 5 years, I think), and does seem busy an awful lot. She always greets me with a smile and a wave when she’s across the room- she’s terribly sweet and I obviously really like her. Whenever we chat, it seems like our shortest conversations are at least 15 or 20 minutes.

    Do you think I am getting the wrong impression? I don’t know what all of these things mean- I do not want to mess up our budding friendship by hitting on her. On the other hand, I think she’s wonderful.

  2. I got cut off- she’s generally friendly with everyone, though. I mean, I haven’t seen her hug othe guys or anything like that- she also tells me things like she talks to a lot of other people but does not have very many friends, or people she hangs out with.

  3. Hi Alex F, some insights to your comments:
    she may be just treating you like a buddy – someone she trust. Test water. Have you ever tried dating her? Maybe invite her to coffee? Movies? There is no tell tale sign at this moment that indicates that she is really interested.

    Does she brush her hair when she talks to you? Or give you an extra long gaze? Some girls have watery eyes when she gaze at you while you talk. It is a good indication of interest. Does she come into your personal space (3 feet radius)?

  4. Hi well theirs this girl that I see in Spanish, P.E., and Biology and at the beginning of the school year we never talked to each other once we knew each other and then as time progressed we started talking. She looks at me when I’m talking and pays attention. She jokes around with me and makes me feel stupid whenever I argue over her and I can’t say anything except whatever. What do you guys think this means? Does she like me or are we meant to be just friends?

  5. Hi,

    I am also facing a situation. It is a little complicated.I am actually living in an appartment and actually doing masters far away from home town. Until now it was this routine that me and my other friends (who also live in an appartment in the same building as mine) cook food together. But recently, there is a girl who came who is the closest friend of one of my friends and joined our dinner group. Now her attitude is what I am concerned about a little.

    She is very friendly with everyone else but when it comes to me, she just give me cold feelings. You know rotating eyes and giving cold answers sometimes (not always, as today I asked something and she gave a polite answer but she is never the first one to ask or say anything to me). She only asks me or talk to me when she wants some work done in the kitchen… i-e to cut onions etc….may be because others are all senior than us and she is also my class mate as well and no one else. Also not even look at me when talking in a group. It now seems to me (to the highest degree) that she just ignores me. Also she tries not to look at me……it somestimes become unbearable…. and the biggest thing to be considered is that when anyone comes to the common room for cooking together, she is always pleased to meet them and is delighted. But when it is me she just looks and does not say anything and then starts to do her work again. …..???Is it the signal that she just wants to get rid of me……ok we just met two days ago and we do not have any history of ever meeting or seeing each other before….you might ask why, cuz she is my class mate…but she just transferred from somewhere else….I also do not look that bad…(physically and face wise as well), I am attractive in looking and in my physical build too so what could be the reason……. anyone is welocme to comment….I think a girl can better answer for this situation…..how can I confirm (without asking) whether she really wants to get rid of me!!

    • If I like someone I tend to ignore them and give them cold shoulders just because I don’t wanna be caught, I’m kinda shy laid back personality, it depends I think, some will be too loud to get noticed, do an experiment pretend she don’t exist, try not to show up, she MIGHT make her own way to come near u, but if she continue to give u cold shoulders and act she don’t care about it means she really DON’T LIKE U! lol!

  6. um, yeah, two things are possible. cold attitude so that you pay more attention to her, and well, the other thing is that…..well, she wants you to get out.

  7. Hi, I was reading this and wanted some advice.
    I’ve been dating this girl that I know practicly nothing about because my friend hooked us up, I like her alot, and she shows some of the signs, like, she looks into my eyes but no one elses, and loves to talk to me, but whenever I try to hug her or kiss her she kinda avoids it, like after school I tried to give her a kiss, but ahe went ahead before I had the chance to even talk to her. Any advice?

  8. Hi
    Iv got a situation that i need help with. Theres this girl in my english class that i have feelings for. I occasionally catch her glancing at me and she sometimes laughs at things i say (random things). Althought i have never spoken to her im pretty sure she likes me. To make matters a bit better i recently moved and am now living across the road from her and noticed that when she saw me coming out my door in the morning her face lit up. But latly she hasnt been glancing at me much. Any advice?

  9. It’s spring, and there must be something in the air around here… I’m writing because I’ve got a strange case on my hand here. I’m a 24 year old male that has recently developed mild interest in a 20 year old at work. I’m going to call her Sue from now on, and her best friend Peggy. Recently, I saw Peggy visiting Sue at our work place. I just said hi to them and Sue’s friend Peggy tells me out of nowhere “You’re probably going to begin to wonder if we’re gay as much as I visit Sue here at work.” Peggy started talking to me, and asking about my major and stuff, as I’m still in college. While Sue and I had just started to have conversations of any substance maybe a week or two before this strange event, lately greater substance has evolved. In general Sue tends to be a bit reserved. Right after this strange conversation with Peggy in the presence of Sue, Sue is talking to me much more and opening up about various things, including how she spends a bunch of her free time with her friend Peggy, sometimes to the point where they don’t get along. She has started talking about where she grew up and other various things, so it’s as if we’re peeling back an onion here- layer by layer. Her body language indicates she likes me (I’m not saying in love with, just that she is interested in what I have to say and my general physical presence at least catches her attention), but I’m hesitant to pursue anything because I never really felt anything for her until I got to know her a little bit better. I am just curious if anyone else out there has had a modestly reserved girl just start opening up out of a seemingly strange event such as happened recently with her friend Peggy. Or also from women out there, I’d love to hear if you think maybe Sue had just started talking about me to Peggy a bit and that’s why Peggy would say something so strange to strike a more substantive conversation with me? I’m naturally more extraverted than introverted so it’s not unusual for me to start conversations with any women. It has been a while since I’ve dated anybody under 21, so there could be some immaturity that is involved that is clouding my assessment of the situation. I’d love to hear ideas!

    • Well, Jeff, ask her out on a date and find out if she likes you. As for maturity, women usually mature faster than men by an average of 5 years. So you will most probably be going out with a 20 year old girl with the maturity level of age 25. All the best to you.

  10. “The theory I have adopted: If he/ she likes you, he/she’ll care enough to tell you”

    If you feel you are so right in thinking this, what if the person that likes you feels the same way? Eventually someone has to step up to the plate, but can you really always expect the other person to do it instead of yourself? What if the most perfect person that would suit also felt this way? It makes sense that they are the most perfect person to suit you, because they feel the same way about things as you do. Both of you would not bother to tell the other that you like them, both with the belief that the other would do it. But in truth, both of you like each other and would never know. Huge opportunity goes to huge waste.

  11. i love a girl who says that she doesnot like me. But she keeps on looking at me. I sent her a number of letter , she rarely replied them. And always tells that she doesnot like me but can’t stop looking at me. She didnot tell anything about these letters, nor about the red rose that i kept on her bag , nor about the things that i wrote on her desk, nor about the picture of heart that i made on her desks, to her brother. But last week when i put a empty paper on her bag , she told about this blank paper to her brother. After that , i again sent her a letter but this time wasnot empty and in reply , she scolded me, told that she doesnot like me, she warned me not to touch her bag anymore. I am confused , why she told only about the blank paper to her brother but not about other letters that i sent to her? Why she looks at me if she doesnot love me?
    Somebody plz answer

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