Can You See a Rainbow from Your Place?


I received a text message from a friend earlier this evening, asking if I could see a rainbow from my place. It got me so excited that I immediately opened the blue curtains in my room and looked outside from the window. Then I quickly ran outside to the garden, searching for a colorful rainbow in the sky. And there it was, smiling right at me.

I remember the first time I saw snow with my own eyes. It was during winter time in year 2003 while I was studying abroad. According to the weather forecast that day, we were supposed to get three inches of snow overnight. I was so excited that I stayed up all night and waited by the windows to see my first snow. Finally at about 2 a.m., I saw flurry snowflakes falling from the sky like little marshmallows. They were the prettiest thing I had ever seen in my whole life.

With great excitement and enthusiasm, I called my parents and my boyfriend (now my ex) who were back home. “It’s snowing!!! Can you believe it? I’m seeing snow with my own eyes. It’s beautiful! Oh, I wished you were here to see it too…”

I suppose this is what it means to “share your life” with someone or the people you love and care for. And this is what that makes life wonderful and worth living: When you listen to an amazing piece of music or song, you wish someone could hear it too. When you eat at a wonderful Japanese restaurant, you wish he or she could try the sushi there too. When your chocolate truffle cheesecake turns out to be unbelievably yummy, you wish someone special is there to eat it with you. When you have achieved something great, you wish someone is there to cheer for you. And when the white daisies bloom in your garden, you wish someone is there to admire them with you.


So this is life – a truly fascinating journey with too many beautiful things to share. And this is how we learn to love, by sharing our lives with those we love and care.


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