“Pop the Question (NOW!)”


About three weeks ago, my girlfriend, Selina, announced that she was moving to Thailand very soon. Knowing that her boyfriend of seven years and most of her family members live in Johor and she has a wonderful job there, I was very surprised to hear that. She broke the news to me over MSN messenger one night and I had no way of telling whether she was excited or upset, so I carefully typed, “That’s quite a news, my dear… Did you get a new job there?”

And the reply was: “Nope… no new job… It’s October, already!!!! And he still hasn’t popped the question!” I understood the “drama” immediately and I laughed (I was sympathetic but it was just too funny not to laugh). You see, Selina had been waiting for her boyfriend to “pop the question” (to ask her to marry him) for three years then. At first, she was anxious and wishful. Then the feelings turned into impatience and frustrations. And three weeks ago, she was downright FURIOUS (that’s an understatement)!

I have always thought that Selina is a woman with great wisdom and beauty, which she maximizes them to negotiate certain things in her favor. The best part of all is: she does most of the negotiating through actions (because actions speak louder than words!). While waiting impatiently for her boyfriend to pop the question in the past three years, she had decided to “go out and see the world.”

In September 2004, she moved from Johor to KL, because she found a boring job as a secretary in a lifeless, small company (they don’t believe in computers). Then, some time in May 2005, she accepted an exciting job at Taman Negara Kinabalu, just to be close to the nature. Last year, she enrolled in a short Summer program in Korea for three months because Korean guys are HOT! Each year, she pushed and expanded the parameters by a little. Thus, three weeks ago, she proudly announced that Thailand was the Chosen Place of the Year.

Last night, I got an exciting update from her – He finally POPPED THE QUESTION!!! She didn’t sound as excited as I thought she would be. Why? Because there wasn’t a scavenger ring hunt, no surprise engagement party, no public proposal, no candle lit dinner, no poetry declamation, no getting on one knee and no what-so-ever. Not even flowers! The total package she received was: a ring, the question, and HIM. That’s all. (Men, don’t you sometimes wonder: why are women so hard to please?!?)

In the end, she said”Yes,” nonetheless. After all, she did wait for three years for that moment. So I suppose my newly engaged friend is not going to Thailand anymore. Because she no longer needs to. 🙂 And also, Europe sounds like a much better place for her honeymoon.


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