Bad Hair Day (BHD) and Men


As women, we have all had our bad hair days. For those men who have only heard of “Bad Stock Market Day” and “Bad Sports Day,” “Bad Hair Day” or BHD is a very special term specifically used by women all over the world to describe an undesirable circumstance when the hair misbehaves and rebelliously refuses to work with any hair styling products (cream, gel, mousse, wax, lotion, serum, glue, spray, spritzes, and etc.) and tools (hair dryer, straightening flat iron, curling iron, steam hairsetter, hair rollers, hair crimper, hair waver, ceramic round brush, and etc.) to create a desirable, picture-perfect end result, within an expected time frame.

Unfortunately for me, I was having a BHD this morning! I will kindly spare you the details so that I don’t have to risk getting all cranky and emotional all of a sudden, again. Every time when I have a BHD, I’ll give my hair an earful (it’s healthy to voice out your resentments), with the hope that it will start behaving better immediately and so that I don’t have to be late for my appointment. However, sadly, things don’t always turn out the way we want them to be. And that’s when I’ll announce: “FINE…I’m done with this hair style and I’m having a hair cut tomorrow!” Then, strangely enough and believe it or not, my hair will always put on its very, very “bestest” behavior the very next day so that I’ll change my mind about getting a haircut, temporarily. (You see, gentle and subtle hints always work like miracles.)

Ever had similar experiences with MEN? I know I have. For example, when he has totally crossed the line (i.e. forgetting important dates like your birthday, V day, and anniversaries, disappearing into his little cave without advanced notice, not replying your text messages, phone calls, and emails within specified time, just to mention a few) and you swear to yourself that you have had ENOUGH and it’s time to get rid of him! And, you ponder silently: “That’s it! I will no longer put up with his immature, inconsiderate, and insensitive behaviors anymore. I’m better off without him because I deserve someone better…” Then, one of the following miracles happens: he unexpectedly shows up in front of your door with sweet red roses late at night, surprises you at your workplace right at 5pm, takes you out for a nice, romantic dinner, or even volunteers to watch a chick flick (dramatic, emotional, and girlie movie) with you, JUST TO MAKE YOU HAPPY… (Oh, isnt’ he a sweetie?)

It just never ceases to amaze me that men have this incredible, instinctive ability to sense the “seriousness of things” when they are in trouble. Just like those wild animals which were able to escape the Indian Ocean tsunami in year 2004 because of their ability to sense natural disasters, men have a sixth sense too – they can sense DANGER and WAR. And they tend to know exactly when things are about to go very WRONG.


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