Hormone Almighty

I am important. Why? Because I make men “MEN.” Who loves me? Men, anti-monogamists, athletes, ever crazy sports fans, and well, sometimes the ladies too (when they behave like “ladies,” of course). I am a hormone with quite a personality. They call me “hormone of masculinity,” “hormone of desire,” “hormone of lust,” “hormone of aggressiveness,” “hormone of violence,” and etc. Man, don’t I sound important???

Sadly, I guess I do have a rather tainted reputation among the ladies. They call me a culprit. 😦 Why? Thanks to my fellow males who frequently and repeatedly abuse my name so they can get away with their own mistakes, misjudgments, and OBSESSIONS (or “attachments to sports and their favorite team”). Oh, did I mention one-night-stands and cheating?

You know, honestly, I don’t mind the blaming and finger pointing at all. I enjoy being “Hormone Almighty!”

Oh, let me formally introduce myself: My name is Testosterone – Mr. Hormone Almighty. And a special note to my beloved fellow men: Feel free to blame me for everything or anything you can think of! I really don’t mind that at all. πŸ™‚


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